A building project is a large investment, and there’s no reason why you should settle for less when you can have the best ready mix at an affordable price. TEXCON Ready Mix is your very own concrete company, ready mix supplier and cement delivery professional, offering you reliable and efficient service and only high-quality, durable mixes. Click here to calculate & price your concrete.   When you hire TexCon as your concrete company, you not only get the best ready mix on the market, but also are guaranteed the highest quality customer service. Our drivers are expected to arrive on-time, not only as a courtesy to you but also because a punctual ready-mix supplier keeps construction moving forward, allowing other crews to stay busy while on the clock.   Furthermore, our cement supply is mixed in large batches at our ready mix plants. Other companies only mix their dry and wet materials in the concrete delivery truck, but this increases the likelihood of uneven mixing. For concrete that is strong, durable and blemish-free from the moment it sets, thorough mixing is essential. TEXCON is a trusted ready mix company for our attention to detail and unsurpassed quality.


Our Services


Residential Ready Mix Delivery

Whether you’re building a single dream home or designing an entire subdivision or apartment complex, you need a concrete ready mix company you can depend on for stable foundations, attractive driveways and sidewalks, and much more.

  • Specialty and low-budget ready mixes alike provide the right solution for the job, including interior work, walls, footers and driveways.
  • Other residential uses include pool decks, retaining walls, garages and additions, barns, steps, patios, dumpster pads and more.

Commercial Cement Supply

Concrete is fundamental to the building process, both internally and externally. But not all cement supply is suitable for commercial use. Maintain long-lasting and appealing concrete with professional mixes and expert applications from the Houston’s leading commercial concrete company.

  • Customized & complex design mix and submittals will be prepared upon request.
  • Executed commercial concrete jobs ranging from 500-30,000 yard including state highway, parking lots, parking garages, warehouse, supermarkets, storage facility, distribution center and more.

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TexCon is committed to being Houston’s top-rated ready mix supplier, offering our customers only the best ready mix and unsurpassed client care and satisfaction. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.