Our TexCon ready mix plants are capable of preparing custom batches of ready mix designed with your particular project in mind.


In addition to the base components of portland cement and aggregate, other materials can be incorporated into the mix to affect the various qualities of the concrete.



For example, pozzolans (also known as supplementary cementitious materials, or SCM) can be added to reduce the concrete’s permeability. Such pozzolans include silica fume, metakaolin (also known as calcined clay), fly ash, cement slag and calcined shale.


Other materials incorporated into a special design mix are collectively called admixtures and may include entrained air, water reducers, retarders and accelerators. The water/concrete ratio is another important factor to consider when designing a concrete mix.


Depending on the conditions the concrete is exposed to the desired set time for the concrete, required strength, placeability and finishability, and even the desired color, different admixtures or pozzolans can be added. Entrained air is vital for concrete exposed to road salts, for example, whereas cement slag or metakaolin can lighten the color of concrete in order to make its integral color pop.


In short, pozzolans and admixtures allow you to create a fully customized ready mix for your building or decorative project. Consult with us for more information on the design mix options available at TexCon’s ready mix plants.