In residential use, concrete tends to be used as a foundation on new building sites. But it can be used for so much more. Build a gorgeous custom patio, complete with a fire pit, with concrete. Install a new driveway, sidewalk and steps to your home. Use concrete in your landscaping to create an outdoor kitchen, an attractive retaining wall, or even a pool deck.

How is it possible for concrete to be used for all of these applications? Easy: specialty ready mixes are available for virtually any purpose. But what homeowners really love most about concrete is that it is affordable and completely customizable. Concrete can be stamped in any pattern or given any kind of color or texture. No other building material gives you so many options for such a great price. And concrete is especially perfect for outdoor use thanks to its fireproof quality, making it the ideal foundation for any grilling or outdoor entertainment space.

Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of concrete!


Concrete is a full-blown powerhouse in the commercial sector. It provides a sturdy foundation for buildings as basic as a one-story storefront or as complex as the world’s tallest skyscrapers. And for applications in which concrete is exposed, such as floors, sidewalks, parking garages and more, your clients will love that concrete is as low-maintenance as possible.

No other material matches concrete’s strength, durability, price, customizable appearance, recyclability and low carbon emissions. Any way you look at it, concrete will always come out on top as one of the most superior building materials on the market.

At TexCon Ready Mix, we take it a step further and provide specially prepared ready mixes that allow concrete to function at a whole new level for various applications. If you need concrete that can handle the extra force exerted on it underwater or that can span across a river while supporting heavy traffic, TexCon has you covered. Our Houston ready mix plants can provide you with the solutions you need. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs and options with one of our knowledgeable team members.