Slab Foundations

Slab foundations are a popular foundation style for homes, outbuildings and commercial buildings. After the soil has been leveled and compacted, a thick concrete slab is poured. To provide additional structural integrity to slab foundations, they are also reinforced with a network of rebar.

Common problems associated with slab foundations include:

  • Settling – the ground underneath the foundation shrinks and lowers the support of the foundation.
  • Upheaval – the ground underneath the foundation expands and raises the support of the foundation
  • Cracks – in cases of extreme settling or upheaval, large cracks can occur in the concrete slab, inviting water, bugs and debris to settle within

These problems can largely be avoided by consulting a professional to oversee your concrete slab foundation from its initial design, all the way through to the final checks.

Choosing the correct concrete mix like Houston Ready Mix is important, as is understanding the role of moisture content and of the composition of the soil in providing stability to the slab foundation. Well-mixed concrete will diminish the chances of there being a dry spot within the concrete, which could, for example, contribute to cracking.

Even a seemingly minor problem can grow into a more costly fix over time, so be sure to hire a professional who will go the extra mile in ensuring your concrete slab foundation is properly designed, poured and cured.