TexCon had the honor to work onsite at NASA, supplying ready-mix concrete and concrete installation services for their shuttle construction and launch areas. If there is any organization that understands the importance of precise and high-quality work, it’s certainly NASA. They expect the best and turned to TexCon for superior concrete and site work.

Trust NASA? Trust TexCon!

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Parking lots, parking garages, warehouses, storage facilities, sidewalks, bridges and more we build it ALL… not only TexCon can supply you with the ready mix you need for any project, our construction crew will also execute the entire construction project through to completion.


You don’t need to be a concrete expert to order ready mix from us. We will work with you (the property owner) to determine the best custom concrete mix for your project.  

Did you know Texcon also offers Land Clearing, Site & Soil Preparation, Dirt Work & Underground Utilities ?

Call 832-799-3717 for a free & competitive quote on your projects. We handle job of all sizes. 

In addition to supplying ready mix concrete and providing full delivery and installation services, we also provide site clearing, excavation and soil preparation services, including laying underground utilities such as storm and sanitary.

In short, you can trust TexCon with your concrete project from start to finish. Don’t worry about hiring multiple contractors for dirt work, site prep and site clean-up. Leave all the hard work to us!

Our specialized equipment makes land clearing a snap, and our versatile crew members have experience working on a variety of construction sites. We treat each project as a personal mission, and are proud to leave you with a beautiful and durable finished concrete structure, as well as a clean construction site.

We take care to properly reinforce our concrete structures and to make sure the site is perfectly prepared before pouring the concrete. Sure, pouring concrete is the fun part, but all of the prep work helps to make sure a quality, long-lasting construction is the end result

Call us today to talk about your property and any renovations or additions you are looking to make. We understand the technical needs of deceptively simple constructions like warehouse floors and parking lots. What looks like plain concrete is actually part science, part art. Besides our unparalleled expertise in concrete, we also take pride in our excellent and attentive customer service. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and to give you an estimate. Net 30 payment options are also available. Contact us today to set up an on-site meeting so that we can get the full lay of the land and can get your construction underway.

Call 832-799-3717 for a free & competitive quote on your projects today.

About our ready mix:

Not all concrete is created equal. We pride ourselves in selecting the best concrete mixes for your construction needs.

We choose from specialized add-ons to generate concrete with certain properties, such as:

Accelerating the curing process, reducing it from as long as 14 days to as little as 3 days.

Air entrainment for improving workability of the liquid concrete, increasing durability of the hardened concrete and reducing the amount of bleed water that rises to the surface during the curing process.

Inhibiting corrosion for underwater or exterior installations.

Slowing the curing process, which is particularly useful in hot weather when the water in the concrete evaporates too quickly.

Reducing the amount of shrinkage that occurs during the drying process, which increases durability and reduces the risk of cracking.

Allowing low-slump concrete to be easily worked for about 30 to 60 minutes, easing the installation process.

Reducing the amount of water in the concrete mixture while still allowing the concrete to be easily worked.